ICD-10 has been delayed until October 1, 2015. Please keep checking our website for updates on our seminars and webinars, as well as updated information on the ICD-10 implementation date.

We have decided to move forward with the live ICD-10 training in Las Vegas on May 2nd & 3rd and will be offering a free refresher course to attendees next year. Need to register? Click here

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PRS Mission

The PRS Network mission is to provide precise medical coding, billing, reimbursement, and practice management information and services to maximize provider reimbursement dollars.

For over 25 years the PRS Network has provided quality products, services, data and education to help clinicians meet the demands of the ever-changing arena of reimbursement. While still in private practice the PRS Network founder, M. Ray Painter, MD, realized that keeping up with the escalating demands of Medicare and private payers was becoming too burdensome for overworked clinicians. In response to that realization, he founded the PRS Network to assist his colleagues with the process of obtaining accurate reimbursement while adhering to the complex, rules and regulations.

The PRS Network has always been able to anticipate practice and clinician needs based on marketplace changes and in turn help educate physicians and develop innovative solutions for their practices. Physicians have been relying on the PRS Network, since its inception, for information and education to keep their practices prepared for the future.

Latest Articles

How to Get Paid for Drugs Administered in the Office

Written by Mark Painter and Ray Painter, M.D.

February 13, 2014

Medications that have to be injected or instilled are considered Medicare Part B drugs, and for many offices, these are a money-losing proposition. However, you have a few options that will allow you to provide the needed medications to your patients without loss of revenue. [Read More...]

Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Exchange (HIE) Plan Exposure

Written by Larry Kemp and Mark Painter

January 27, 2014

HIE plans are designed to offer “lower cost” plans to individuals that may or may not have an existing condition. Physician offices are an easy target to control cost. To that end many HIE plans continue limiting provider networks and to push down physician compensation levels, often to unacceptable levels. Each office will need evaluate each HIE plan thoroughly before venturing into exchange patient care. First, ask if it makes business sense for the practice. Understand each company participating in the HIE will likely offer different plans and most seem to favor HMO-style closed networks but the requirements for each plan may differ in access requirements to specialists, deductible, co-payment and co-insurance to name a few. [Read More...]