PRS Network Calendar of Events



June 2022

        6/23   12pm EDT CodingToday DEMO (free to all)  Register in advance here...

        6/23    1pm EDT  Monthly Webinar - Auditing: Surgery and E/M Mechanics and Requirements (available to PRS Customers only)            

        6/30   12pm EDT  CodingToday DEMO (free to all)

       6/30    11:59pm EDT  Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar Special Early Bird Pricing ENDS!  Register...

July 2022

        TBD   Monthly Webinar  (available to PRS Customers only)

        7/7    12pm EDT  CodingToday DEMO (free to all)  

        7/7      1pm EDT   Free Webinar - "5 Must-Have Preservice Systems"

        7/14   12pm EDT  CodingToday DEMO (free to all)  

        7/15    1pm EDT   "Preservice Maximum Efficiency - Front Office Best Practices Masterclass"     

        7/21   12pm EDT  CodingToday DEMO (free to all)  

        7/23   10am-3pm EDT  Urologists' Coding Workshop  Register...

        7/28   12pm EDT  CodingToday DEMO (free to all)  

August 2022

        TBD   Monthly Webinar  (available to PRS Customers only)

        8/18    1pm EDT   Free Webinar - " Why Make Your Documentation Audit Proof and What it Takes"

        8/26    1pm EDT   "Audit Proof Documentation Workshop"

September 2022

        TBD   Monthly Webinar  (available to PRS Customers only)

        9/22    1pm EDT   Free Webinar - "Why You Need More Urology Coding Training and How to Get It"

October 2022

        TBD   Monthly Webinar  (available to PRS Customers only)

November 2022

        TBD  Monthly Webinar  (available to PRS Customers only)

December 2022

        TBD   Monthly Webinar  (available to PRS Customers only)

        12/2-3   8am - 5pm  Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar (Las Vegas)  Register...        

        12/8    1pm EST   Free Webinar - "Why and How to Self Audit and Submit Appeals"        

        12/16  1pm EST   "Audits and Appeals Masterclass"