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That is why I developed this resource

Dr. Ray Painter’s Vision:

My goalhelp urology offices navigate the complicated system.

I want to share with you, the best practices I have developed, tested, refined and implemented with 100s of urology practices over the last 30 years. 

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Course Curriculum

Module #1

Setting the Stage
Details - CodingToday

Module #2

Coding Simplified
Documentation Coding and Billing Overview
Time-Based Charges - The Bottom Line
Time-Based Charges
Time-Based Charges Scenarios

Module #3

Office E & M
E & M Office Scenarios

Module #4

Facility-Based Coding
E & M Facility Scenarios

Module #5

Global Concepts 
Global Modifiers
Modifier -25
Modifier -24
Modifier -78
Modifier -79
Modifiers Concept
Modifier -58

Module #6

Bundling Rules
Unbundling Modifiers
Modifier -59
Modifier -X(PESU)
Unbundling Scenarios

Module #7

Other Procedural Modifiers
Modifier -22
Modifier -26 and -TC
Modifier -52 and -53
Modifiers -54 -55 and -56
Modifier -62 and -66
Modifiers -76 and -77
Assistant at Surgery

Module #8

ICD-10 Concept and Structure
ICD-10 How to Find a Code
ICD-10 Scenarios

Module #9

E&M 2021 **COMING SOON**

Module #10 


Sample Video

Patient scheduled for a routine surveillance cystoscopy. Doing fine. Cystoscopy revealed a bladder tumor. Patient was informed of the finding. 15 minutes was spent in explaining the problem and the recommended treatment.

  1. Can I charge for the E & M visit? 

  2. Do I need a modifier?

  3. Which modifier?

Listen to the Answer in the Video 

This is just 1 tip of 100s.


Concerned about how much time the course will take?

Don't worry: Only take the time you need to learn the concepts you don't already know.  This is designed for you to learn the way you want to learn.

For Example: during your day, when you clinic is seeing patients, you have a question about Modifier -25.  Simply login to the course on PRSNetwork.com, scroll to the reference video on Modifier -25 and review the information.  Test your understanding with some scenarios in the assessment section. If you are still unsure, post your question and we will get you the answer.

Wondering if it is worth the investment?

We have worked with hundreds of urology practices over the last 30 years and we have been thanked thousands of times for teaching this information. We have seen urology practices that really learn these concepts become more efficient and increase practice revenue.

Dr. Painter’s Guarantee

After you start utilizing this resource, applying the concepts, implement the tips and shortcuts, you will get multiples of return on your investment.  If you don’t, let us know and we will refund your money!