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UCR 191: FAQs - G2211 age restrictions; void trial fail coding; gemcitabine instillation coding; and scrotoplasty simple v. complicated

April 12, 2024

Mark and Scott discuss questions that have come into the PRS communities:

  1. Hi is there any documentation, regarding the age limit for G2211 or 99459?

    Our MD think that they only apply to patients over 65 years old.  Is this true or is there documentation stating we can use them on patients under 65 years old.  
  2. If a patient fails a Trial of void, and a catheter is placed, would the 51700 be coded or just 51702? Should it matter if pass its fail? The service was still performed. And the 51702 is a component of the 51700.
  3. What are the codes that I use for gemcitibine bladder installation in the office. I know I would use 51720 would be the cpt code but how do i bill for the medicine?
  4. For Scrotoplasty, complicated (CPT 55180), Does it need to be performed with either Graft of Flap, to call for "complicated"? I am trying to differentiate between 55175 (scrotoplasty, simple) and 55180 (scrotoplasty, complicated), thank you!


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