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UCR 188: Change Health cyberattack updates, G2211 developments,  FAQs - Urodynamics authorization, taxonomy multi-specialty practice

March 22, 2024

Mark, Scott, and Ray discuss the Change Health cyberattack, G2211 developments and questions that came into the PRS Network.

  1. We have been receiving denials for our Urodynamics appointments because authorization was obtained under a provider that differs from the provider that signed off on the note day of services. For non-medicare plans (and plans that do not adhere to 100% of medicare guidelines) are we able to have a provider that is not on-site at the time of the UDS appointment sign off on the note?
  2. We are a multi-specialty practice that all share one TIN. If we send an established patient to be seen by a provider that practices under a different taxonomy, can this provider then bill under a new patient encounter? For example, Urology refered to Urogynecology or if Oncology referred to Urology? Additionally, can these pts be seen by differing specialties, at different office locations on the same day?


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