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UCR 177: Discussion with Dr. John Lin - Removal of foreign body from penis; A great way to combat physician burnout

December 29, 2023

Mark, Scott, and Dr. Lin discuss topics from the Thriving Urology Practice Facebook Group:

  1. There is still no CPT code for extricating the penis from a foreign body, right?
    Guy used a 2.5 pound weight plate as a penis ring. Took an ortho saw to remove it.
    Medtronic Midas Rex handheld device with a circular Diamond bit saw was used to cut the plate at 3 and
    9 o’clock positions. 2 separate Medtronic Midas Rex devices had to be used due to heat generation.
    Complete transection of the plate was performed. Penis was protected from the heat and the blade to
    effect a successful extrication.
  2. How do we bridge the gap between those urologists and APPs who are practicing
    happily and getting paid for everything they do, not spinning their wheels, not burning
    out, vs. those who continue to suffer?


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