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UCR 139: FAQs - Coding for OPTILUME, antegrade ureteroscopy code, and correct coding for torsion/orchiopexy with laterality modifiers

Available March 31, 2023

Mark, Ray, and Scott discuss FAQs: 

  1. What codes should we capture for OPTILUME?  52276 w/0499T?  Or should we be looking at something else?
  2. For an antegrade ureteroscopy done via an established nephrostomy- would you recommend coding 50951 or an unlisted 53899? 
  3. When coding for torsion, is the proper coding of px captured with cpt code 54600, if torsion is repaired?  Laterality modifier would be appropriate if the torsion is unilateral, ie: LT or RT.  Correct? If the torsion is bilateral, modifier 50 would be appropriate? After discussing with my co-workers regarding Orchiopexy 54640 versus 54600, we were a bit unsure of the term within the procedure description: Reduction of torsion of testis, surgical, ""with or without fixation of contralateral testis"".  What is the  correct interpretation of fixation of the contralateral side? 


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