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UCR 138: FAQs - Interposition of peritoneal flaps code, HIPAA compliant telehealth platform PHE deadline, and coding for PVR with no bladder scan.

Available March 24, 2023

Mark, Ray, and Scott discuss FAQs: 

  1. Would you consider interposition of peritoneal flaps separately billable with a Prostatectomy/lymphadenectomy? “The peritoneum at the dome of the bladder was folded over itself and anchored to the front sides of the bladder”. There is no guidance out there that I can find for coding, other than studies that show it is more of a prophylactic procedure to prevent lymphoceles. I am currently not coding for it but was wanting a second opinion. 
  2. With the PHE ending on 5/11/2023, but telehealth being extended thru 12/31/2024, what is the ruling on using non HIPAA compliant platforms such as Facetime?  Will this exception being going away with the 1135 waiver ending ?
  3. If a provider is only interested to do a post void residual (51798) and do not have a bladder scanner, can we use the ultrasound information (76857) as a post void residual and charge that way? Can you bill 76857 since the provider interprets the result of the post void residual?  Thank you. 


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