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UCR 134: PCNL clarification - revisited, coding laparoscopic nephrectomy with bladder cuff, and retrograde pyelogram with stent exchanges/ureteroscopic coding

February 24, 2023

Mark, Ray, and Scott discuss questions that came into the PRS Community.  

  1.  I listened to the most recent podcast episode regarding the updated PCNL codes and I'm still confused on why we can't bill 50436 or 50437 with 50080/50081? Dilation was deleted from the code description and I attended an AUA webinar in Dec 2022 that said the dilation could be reported separately. What's changed?
  2. Good morning, Does 50548 include laparoscopic bladder cuff, or would the bladder cuff be separately billable with 51999? Bladder cuff is not mentioned in the code descriptor.
  3. It was discussed at New Orleans seminar that retrograde pyelogram (74420) was not appropriate to report with stent exchanges/ureteroscopic procedures (as it is considered included as part of the guidance for these procedures). Is this direction based on CPT guidance or is there another reference? 


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