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UCR 118: Billing for a Pre-Op clinic visit; Use of a snare to remove a stent, what about code 50386?; PHE Extended

October 21, 2022

Mark, Ray, and Scott welcome back special guest Dr. John Lin.  They discuss two questions that came into the Thriving Urology Facebook Group:

  1. It is possible to have a billable "pre-operative clinic visit" with an APP before surgery but after the visit where the decision for surgery was made?  The proposed purpose is to make sure clearances and cultures are done prior to their urologic surgery?   I thought this was bundled already and that this type of visit would not be billable encounter? Thanks for your insight!
  2.  New paradigm for ureteral stent removal. Stent-Removing Snare avoids crossing the sphincter, the most invasive part of the procedure, minimizing discomfort. Reusable, easy to use, avoids a cysto setup, time saving. CPT 50386 with increased RVU’s. National av reimbursement $799 (see physician fee tool). I look forward to your posts. Best


AUA Stent Removal Coding Article:
PHE Extension October 15, 2022:

Dr. Lin is the administrator of The Thriving Urology Practice Facebook group.

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