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UCR 113: Pediatric Urology Coding - non-palpable testis(UDT); surgery for possible chordee in boy.

September 16, 2022

Mark, Ray, and Scott discuss Pediatric Urology Coding and some of its nuances.  Also, they answer 2 pediatric urology coding questions:

  1.  Case was for non-palpable testis(UDT) so plan was laparoscopic approach for UDT and, at time of laparoscopy, no intraabdominal testis found, so an open exploration with separate incision was done and atrophic testis found in canal. billed as diagnostic laparoscopy (49320)and as no testis found in abdomen, separate orchiectomy billed from separate incision. (54520)-- can this be billed?  Same day procedure but testis not in abdomen to do planned lap approach but needed to have UDT addressed.
  2. Is there/what is appropriate code for artificial erection at time of surgery for possible chordee in boy but no chordee found?  An artificial erection needs to be done to prove or disprove chordee-- tissue needs to be dissected down to get appropriate erection test so not just circumcision but no chordee found after complete dissection.  Currently, using 54250 as there really isn't a specific peds urology code. Suggestions? 

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