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UCR 109: FAQs - Modifier Sequencing follow-up; Unbundling never allowed, but should be paid; Trimix injection training; and Bladder neck contracture codes

August 19, 2022

Mark, Ray, and Scott discuss questions that came into the PRS community:

  1. I just listened to the podcast on Order of modifiers on a claim. Just one question. I've been taught that the global modifier doesn't apply to an assistant surgeon. So if the patient is in a global you wouldn't add the 78 or 79 modifier to their claim. It would only be added to the primary surgeon. I have been coding for over 20 years and never used a global modifier on an assistant claim with no denied claims. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks for your time in advance
  2. Good Morning, Just need to clarify. If my doc performs a 52356-RT DX N20.0 and due to unrelated Hydro on the left a 52005 is performed on left side only. Can 52005-LT be billed also ? According to the edits it cannot be billed even though it is not related. Any input would be great! Thank you, Linda
  3. My clinic is confused on coding for trimix injections. We have patients that are coming for teaching on how to do a trimix injection. Should I be coding 54235 if the patient is injecting them self during the teaching and bringing their own needle and medication for the injection? I think we should not be coding 54235 unless the doctor/PA/NP is injecting the medication. Please let me know what you think.
  4. Would you be able to go over the difference in coding TUR bladder neck contracture, TUI BNC, Cysto incision of BNC, TUR or Inc postoperative BNC. These can get pretty confusing.



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