UCR 104: 2023 CMS Proposed Rules and how they will impact the Urology Practices

July 15, 2022

Ray, Mark, and Scott discuss the 2023 CMS Proposed Rules and how they will impact Urology Practices.  Mark breaks down what's important to urology in the new proposed rules.

 Urologists’ Coding Workshop
July 23, 2022 - 10 am - 3 pm EST

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Special 5-hour Zoom Workshop: intensive and interactive workshop for practicing urologists and APPs (coders, billers, and admins are welcome to participate).

"Beef Up" On your Urology Coding Knowledge

PRS Network Presentation Team

  • Dr. John Lin
  • Mark Painter
  • Scott Painter
  • Dr. Ray Painter

From the perspective of a practicing Urologist and experts In Urology Coding.

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