UCR 092: FAQs - Telemedicine POS, Bladder Interstitial Fiducial Marker, and Botox injection to pelvic floor.

Available April 15, 2022

Mark, Scott, and Ray answer questions

1) If a patient is being set up for a telemedicine visit with an MD in the MD's secondary clinic and the MD is in his/her primary clinic.  Do we bill under the primary clinic with a place of service 02? Also, should documentation support where the patient is located?

2)  How should I code for Bladder Interstitial Fiducial Marker placements in a female patient? The markers are placed cystoscopically and are used to guide radiation therapy for bladder cancer. For male patients we were using 55876, but that is being rejected for female patients. Is there an unlisted code for cysto procedures that we can use. or any other equivalent code?
3) Is CPT 64646 correct to bill for Botox injection to pelvic floor. In description of the procedure my dr. states “ the entire length
Of the levator musculature was injected on either side. Injected 100 units on each side with spinal needle.
CPT 64646 is correct to bill?

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