UCR 087: -TC and -26 modifiers - Urodynamics billing: split or global?

March 11, 2022

Mark, Ray, and Scott discuss -TC and -26 billing for urodynamics.  There was a rule change in 2019 that updated how urodynamics should be billed in regards to the -TC and -26.  Prior to that rule change, we recommended split billing but now recommend the global billing.

Below is the question that prompted this discussion:

Can we bill a TC and 26 modifiers on same day for the 51728, 51741, 51784, 51797?  TC under direct supervision provider and 26 for interpretation from ordering provider on same day?  My understanding is if we want to split it out, we bill the TC the day of the procedure and the 26 out the day it was interpreted or otherwise we would bill the whole global under the interpreting provider?

Med Learn Matters Article That was Referenced in the Podcast




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