UCR 075: E&M 2021 - Common Questions and Clarifications

November 15, 2021

Mark, Ray, and Scott discuss some E&M 2021 FAQs.

Is pyuria and hematuria 2 points or one?

 If it appears to be clearing, would it still be considered “with exacerbation”?

Can a problem be considered chronic if you expect the problem will last >1 year or it is only considered chronic if the problem has existed for >1 year? 

If Medicare does not cover Bladder Scans for UTI would we count it

If the provider documents that he reviewed "records from the ER" then lists out imaging and documents a brief over view of what happened at the ER. Does this still count as 2 data points? Or would this be double dipping on the record review from the same entity?

Cystoscopy are they counted as minor surgery or just data point

Please explain what you meant when you said each cpt counts as one point

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