UCR 066: FAQs - Code for Renal Pelvic Washings CORRECTION; Physical Exam: necessity and documentation; Vasectomy initial visit E&M level in 2021

August 27, 2021

Mark,  Ray, and Scott discuss questions from the Urology Coding and Reimbursement Group 

Question 1:  55 Seconds

CORRECTION - Renal Pelvic Washings CPT Code - 52005

Question 2 - minute 5:26

I need something in writing from Dr. Ray painter for my Urologist.  I have this info from the AMA and Noridian both, but they want to hear it from you.  We are told by Noridian and also the AMA who is the author of the CPT book that an Exam is still needed.

Question 3 - 22:56

What level E/M are you using for the new 2021 codes?  Previously they did not have 4 HPI to meet a level 3 E/M, so we coded them to a 2.  Now, they do not need to have 4 HPI.  It is a major procedure, which is one of the two needed for a level 4.  Do you consider a vasectomy consultation/permanent birth control a stable chronic (level 3 E/M) or a minor problem (level 2 E/M)?  I listened to the podcast twice and didn't get a clear answer.


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