UCR 055: E&M 2021 Guidelines - When it seems like a level 4 but MDM will only get you to a level 3, what can you do?

June 11, 2021

Ray, Mark, and Scott welcome Dr. John Lin to discuss Medical Decision Making.  When it seems like a level 4 but MDM will only get you to a level 3, what can you do?

Question from Michael:

I'm still having a hard time with less straight forward #MDM. I had a patient with left testicular pain x 3 mos. He fell from a ladder and had back pain with radicalar pain down into his leg and likely testis. GU exam is unremarkable. UA is normal. I have ordered an MRI of the lumbar spine. The best I seem to get is a level 3, but it seems to be more complex. Thoughts and justifications?


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