UCR 049: FAQs - Documentation for the administration of patient-supplied drugs; TURBT of multiple bladder tumors - can you "aggregate"; stone fragment removal, billing for Calyxo device; scrotal cyst code?

May 3, 2021

Ray, Mark and Scott discuss questions from the Urology Coding and Reimbursement Group 



  1. [40 Seconds] Our patients bring in there own testosterone and we bill out the administration code 96372.. Is the NDC #  required to be documented? 
    (We do document j code, dx , patient provided,amount given, Lot# and expiration.)
  2. [8 minutes and 57 Seconds] One of my physicians completed a TURBT of multiple bladder tumors but he never listed any size. Instead, he says "aggregate greater than 5cm." My understanding was that we cannot use this and he would need to note the largest tumor resected. Could you please provide some clarification and education so I can let the provider know how to proceed or if using the aggregate size is sufficient for billing? 
  3. [11 minutes and 15 Seconds] One of our providers is using a vacuum device called Calyxo when they do cysto/litho procedures that remove the stone fragments after being lasered.  Is this something we would bill for?   52352 maybe?    As always, thanks for help.   
  4. [14 minutes and 40 Seconds] What is the correct code for excision of scrotal cyst.?


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