UCR 043: FAQs - Bilateral Ureteroscopy Laser lithotripsy with stent; Urodynamics and Catheter; Cysto w/ sp Tube; Family history and risk; Documenting what was reviewed

March 19, 2021

Mark, Ray, and Scott discuss several questions about the new 2021 E&M rules from the Urology Coding and Reimbursement Group:

Question 1 (:55)

For bilateral Ureteroscopy Laser lithotripsy with stent placements can we bill 52353, 52332 (using N20.0 as diagnosis) & 52356 (using N20.1 as diagnosis)

Question 2 (5:35)

For Urodynamics- when patient has foley catheter in place prior to procedure and will need a foley catheter placed after the procedure can we bill for the foley catheter cpt 51702

Question 3 (9:47)

Can we bill a cystoscopy with an sp tube change at the same visit? CPT codes 52000 & 51705

Question 4 (17:00)

So in today's (3/18/21) webinar, the subject of prostate cancer screening came up and it made me think of this question. It sounded like Mark was saying we would count the family history of prostate cancer as more risk, but not as an actual problem assessed for this patient.  Could I please ask for clarification on this again?  Thanks

Question 5 (24:24)

Hi, looking for some clarification on the data collection/review of the new E/M guidelines. and documentation requirements .if our providers review an outside note, lab, xray etc.. they should document what was reviewed in their notes ?
I have not found anything that specifically says to document what you reviewed that I can show our providers.
any help appreciated



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