UCR 024: Answers to questions asked on the PRS Community; News about advanced payment paybacks

October 1, 2020


Mark, Ray and Scott answer questions from the Urology Coding and Reimbursement group.

1)  Can urologist bill for Covid intake screenings? We hear from a  provider that when  patient walks in the door and we perform the  Covid intake screening ( we do these anyways), we can bill for this?
We would have to submit out Covid form, a medical form, and a SOAP note, these can be signed by an NP for submition to the insurance?

2)  Can a Urologist bill a 50590 and a 76000?  It says only if medically necessary. What would be considered medically necessary? 

3)  Can you explain in an office setting when you would only bill a 51702 for catheter change for management of chronic urinary retention pt VS including an E/M charge 99213 VS when to use a modifier 25? 

From my understanding there is no charge for a catheter removal and this is included in the E/M portion of the charge, so shouldn't every chronic catheter pt (for NGB, urinary retention) also have an E/M charge in addition to the 51702? 

Good news from the resolution act: regarding the Medicare repayment 


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