Who is Scott Painter?

I am the CEO of Physician Reimbursement Systems (PRS).  I have been in healthcare administration for over 30 years.  After graduating from Grinnell College with a BS in Economics, I went to work for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Colorado.  That experience gave me some insights  into the economics of physician reimbursement and behavior.

I joined the PRS team in late 1990.  At that time we realized the power of data and the fact that physicians lacked the time and resources to deal with the storm they were going to face (and still are facing).  We understood that in order for a physician to thrive, that they needed help, lots of help, with the basics of coding and billing.

I was responsible for the technology and data product development.  We had a pharmaceutical grant to provide coding reference books to urologist.  The data was hard to get and very geographic specific.  Additionally, we began answering the American College of Surgeons Coding Hotline and I was in charge of the database for the call center.

In late 1998, I became CEO of PRS.  Over the past 20 years, I worked with, content experts, Dr. Ray Painter and Mark Painter to bring many products to market, including, newsletters, coding courses, reimbursement strategies for new products, the first online coding tool, ProcedureInfo.com (known today as CodingToday.com), seminars, webinars, books, compliance programs and many other products and services to help practicing physicians and their staff.

My mission is simple: using technology and data to help physicians and staff maximize their reimbursement and save time and money.