Coding and Billing Assessment (Urology)

Finally, a way to check your current staff’s proficiency and test prospective employees.

In 2016, Office of the Inspector General reported that the improper payment rate for Part B was 11.7 percent….
  • The improper payment rate for E&M services was 14.3 percent, incorrect coding and insufficient documentation caused most of the improper payments
  • The improper payment rate for “minor procedures – other (Medicare fee schedule)” was 21.4 percent

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The Coding and Billing Assessment (Urology) tests basic knowledge and recommends a path to excellence.

  • Quickly assess staff coding and billing abilities

  • Identify weaknesses and training needs

  • Test is online

  • Recommendations for individual training

  • Helps with compliance and education

  • Knowledge helps the office run more efficiently

  • Developed by Dr. Ray Painter

  • Tested and Implemented by the PRS Network

Each assessment is individually scored and a detailed report is generated with additional training recommendations.  PRS has implemented the Coding and Billing Assessment as part of our new hire process and has tested each staff member.  The information we have garnered is invaluable. The assessment helped us identify weaknesses and training needs.  PRS now has a training program for our staff, to address the needs identified by the Coding and Billing Assessment.


Coding and Billing (Urology) Assessment Details

  • 25 Multiple Choice Questions
  • No Time Limitations
  • Online 
  • One assessment per person
  • Must finish the assessment in one session (not allowed to go back to previous questions)
  • Average time to take the assessment – 2 hours
  • Individual Detailed Report is developed by PRS, based on answers, and emailed to administrator with training recommendations









Sample Report

Sample Report from the Coding and Billing Assessment for Urology

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  • Recommendations for individual training

  • Based on incorrect answers

  • Training and re-testing options from PRS

  • Training available online, on demand

  • Tested by the PRS Network



Question Format

Sample Question from the Coding and Billing Assessment for Urology



PRS Basic Urology Coding and Billing Training Videos.

The following individual training videos will be available for purchase when you finish your assessment and receive your Coding and Billing Assessment for Urology Official Results and Recommendations Report. Each training video is less than 20 minutes and has a self assessment quiz.  You may review each video for up to one year from date of purchase.
Video 1 – 25 Modifier Video 9 – Bundling Video 17 – Prolonged E&M
Video 2 – 57 Modifier Video 10 – Charging By Time Video 18 – Same Day Procedural Modifiers
Video 3 – 58 Modifier Video 11 – CPT Video 19 – Separate Structure
Video 4 – 59   Modifier Video 12 – Distinct Procedural Service Video 20 – Time
Video 5 – 62 Modifier Video 13 – E & M Video 21 – Unrelated Procedure
Video 6 – 78 Modifier Video 14 – Global Video 22 – X Modifiers
Video 7 – 79 Modifier Video 15 – ICD-10
Video 8 – Assistant At Surgery Video 16 – Procedural

Case Study

PRS Network Case Study – Coding and Billing Assessment

The PRS Network companies tested the coding assessment on current and potential employees.

Current Employees Experience


We gave each PRS team member the assessment.  The PRS team is made up of coders and billers from all different skill levels.  It took the more skilled member 1 hour to finish and our beginners took more than 4 hours to complete the assessment.  We allowed everybody to use all the resources that they normally use throughout the day:, the E&M Pocket Card and Wall Chart, the internet, etc. however, we did not allow the users to collaborate with anyone.


The results were unexpected.  We had some holes in our staffs knowledge that we were able to identify with the assessment.  Our approach was not to call anybody out, but rather train as a group.  Therefore we chose to compile all the results and as a company we initially started the training on the areas that the team scored the poorest.  We designed the training (now available to purchase) to be focused on specific topics or concepts with many examples.


The Coding and Billing Assessment gave us a tool we had been searching for to identify training needs.  The previous training methods were reactive to errors.  This allowed us to be proactive and identify weaknesses.  Additionally, since we did not single anybody out, we were able to bond as a team.  The more experienced members were helping the less experienced team members and the less experienced.  As a result, we are a much better trained team and are working more closely together.   We will continue to test and train throughout the year.

Potential Employees Experience


During the interview process the PRS Network is administering the Coding and Billing Assessment to all applicants. The applicants are instructed that the assessment is part of the hiring process and that they may use the resources that we supply or bring their own resources. Again we did not allow applicants to collaborate.


The results were again unexpected.  We were able to quickly assess the skill level of the prospective employee by their answers to the assessment questions and the time it took them to complete.  We are able to determine candidate’s coding and billing strengths and weaknesses which allowed us to make a more informed decision.  We also have been able to tailor the training program to emphasize the areas of deficiency.


The Coding and Billing Assessment gave us a hiring tool that helps us decide on new employees.  The consistency of the questions and detailed reporting saves us time and makes us more efficient with the training of new hires.  We will not hire another team member without administering the Coding and Billing Assessment


Special Limited Time Introductory Offer (Feedback Requested)

Coding and Billing Assessment for Urology*

  $99  – $149  per assessment (includes detailed report with training recommendations)

*Assessment must be started and finished in one session, not allowed to go back to previous questions

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