3 Steps – to check multiple procedures
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Watch the Video Below to See How Easy it is to Use the Bundling Matrix

Step 1
Enter the Codes in the Box

Step 2
Click the Analyze Codes Button

Step 3
Review Results


(Code 13100 was removed because it is included in 13101 and may never be unbundled.)

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  • 3 Steps to Correct Coding
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Still not sure…..

Want to Try the Bundling Matrix for Free?

The Bundling Matrix is included in CodingToday.com

Step 1

Sign up for a 14 day free trial of CodingToday.com

Step 2

Login to CodingToday.com and click on “Bundling Matrix” on the left

Step 3

Start Entering Codes…..

The Matrix Helps You….
•  Have more time
•  Increase revenue
•  Defend your position with supporting facts
•  Up to date information
•  Information to eliminate denials
•  Maximize reimbursement
•  Be more valuable to your practice
•  Be the go to person for same day procedure billing

Have you every experienced any of these situations?

You have a list of codes not sure which you can bill.

You disagree with what to bill and need proof that you’re right.

The hospital changed your coding, you’re right and need to show them.

What if you had a tool that when you typed in procedure codes and clicked a button….

all billable codes are listed on one page in billing order and an explanation, including modifier usage, is displayed!

That Tool is the Bundling Matrix!

Our Journey to the Matrix
We too had problems deciding what should be billed.  It often times took us 30 minutes to look up, each code pair and their relationship.  We would spend most of our time researching, instead of analyzing.  Our physicians and staff would argue over the code pair relationships.

These struggles led us to develop the Bundling Matrix.  We have spent hundreds of hours refining this tool to provide you with the precise information that you need to make a decision.  Designed by our physicians and coders and improved by our clients, this tool makes it very easy to quickly enter the information and get the answers.  No more searching through CMS spreadsheets, no more scrolling and interpreting data from coding tools, practice management systems or EHRs.  Just 3 quick steps….