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Compare your Key Practice Indicators (KPIs) to the PRS KPIs.  You may be able to cut costs, ensure compliance and earn more, without additional work.

Shrinking margins make timely and accurate payment of your medical services critical.

Our goal is to afford our clients more time for providing services and less time worrying about the administrative headaches every practice encounters. PRS Network, can help your practice succeed with our practice management solutions which provide physicians with quickly installed, reliable, secure and economical applications to manage the business of a medical practice.

Full Billing Services

Full billing service includes ASP Practice Management Software, Claims Scrubber, Scheduler and Reporting Modules.

No need to switch EMR or Practice Management Software. PRS will work with your team to minimize disruption during transition.  No long-term contracts, add or remove services as needed.

With Full Billing Services, PRS performs all claim generation tasks, payment posting, patient statement generation, A/R follow-up, including appeals and patient collections.

  • Complete Data Entry
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Coding support from PRS
  • Pre-submission screen
  • Post- payment review
  • Post all insurance payments in the Practice Management Information System.
  • Follow-up on all insurance denials, delays or improper payments
  • Oversee Appeals and Resubmission
  • Send Patient Statements and follow up on unpaid patient accounts
  • Provide reports and practice management information
  • Interpretation of management reports and recommendations
  • Compliance reports on payers
  • Collective data from other urologist and payers.
  • Oversight by the “Painters” with all the expertise of PRS.
  • Data to assist with contracting.


PRS can help you with all of your billing needs, whatever they may be.

Use PRS for all or  part of your services.  PRS is here to help; when you need a backup coder/biller, replace a lost employee, train your staff, help with compliance and much more.

With our unique “Rehab and Return” process, we can help you tweak your internal billing department to achieve PRS KPI performance.

It is always nice to have backup!  We scale with your needs.

PRS Gets Results

Most billing companies won’t touch OLD Accounts Receivable. They send you to the Collections Agency. PRS utilizes a unique follow-up strategy coupled with our vast coding and billing expertise, to identify charges that can be collected. Our proven methodology delivers results and resolves future billing issues at the same time.

Key Practice Indicators

We manage your revenue cycle using Key Practice Indicators designed to measure your practices’ performance.  Are you getting the most out of your billing team?

Key Practice Indicators

  • Days in A/R or Turn Ratio
  • Total $ per RVU
  • Average Charge per visit
  • Average receipt per visit
  • Gross Collections
  • Net Collections (allowed payments)
  • Denial Rate
  • % of A/R by aging bucket (example Patient A/R over 90 days)

Fill out this form or call (800) 972-9298 ext. 135 to receive our recommended Specialty Specific KPI Targets.  Compare our numbers with yours.


Harness the power of the Painters! PRS has been helping physicians improve their bottom line for over thirty years. Our thorough evaluation process dissects your practices billing processes, providing you with valuable information that can make an immediate impact. Customers who implement our powerful revenue cycle concepts, will continue to receive a handsome return on their investment long after our time in your office is over.