Advanced Coding and Billing Support for Urology 

Get all your coding questions answered promptly by the PRS Experts.

As a urology office you don’t have the time to take the trial and error approach, you need help from someone who’s done it all before and can provide you with the correct expert answers, identify your coding weaknesses and teach you how to code correctly .

In this online support service, the PRS Experts are there to answer all questions and Dr. Ray Painter guides urology providers and staff through obtaining the knowledge they need to be excellent coders and billers.


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Take the Guesswork out of Coding

Advanced Coding and Billing Support for Urology takes the
guesswork out of coding and billing and it’s perfect for you if you are:

  • busy: you don’t have time for trial and error and endless research
  • action-oriented: you want to have the correct codes the first time
  • focused: you’re not looking for learning shortcuts
  • wanting to improve: you understand that there will be questions you need help answering
  • human: you don’t want to feel overwhelmed of frustrated
  • determined: you need to succeed


Step-by-Step Advice to Save Hours of Time and Endless Frustration

By the time you work through the online course and begin relying on the forum for your questions, this support package will have helped you:

  • Identify coding weaknesses… the first step is to find out what you don’t know.
  • Fill in the knowledge gaps… no matter how strong a coder you are.
  • Build a strong foundation… even if you haven’t had a formal coding education.
  • Learn from others questions… whether they’re next door, or in a different state.
  • Have the tools to find the answer to any question… through your own problem solving or asking the PRS experts


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What’s in this Support Package?

√  Learning center – on demand short educational videos
√  Forum – timely answers to all your coding and billing questions
√  Self test – test your Urology Coding and Billing Knowledge
√  Notifications – Set notifications for new questions and answers
√  Individual accounts – For each provider and staff member
√  Access anywhere, anytime – 24/7 Access, phone, tablet computer
√  Network – learn from other offices

Practical Support to Achieve Your Goals – for all urology providers and staff

Learn by doing. Turn the questions you have into daily learning opportunities.

Because this support package was designed with the busy providers and staff at any skill level in mind, you will be met where you are and you will: 

︎  become an expert urology coder
︎  become an expert urology biller
︎  be able to find the answer to any urology coding problem
︎  be able to find the answer to any urology billing problem
︎  be confident that your group is not at risk for take backs
︎  have the satisfaction of being the best that you can be

Urology coding and billing expertise allows you to better serve urology patients and maximizes your efficiencies and earnings.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee.jpgIf you have utilized the support services and you’re not satisfied with Advanced Coding and Billing Support for Urology, let us know and we’ll refund your money—that’s how confident we are that this is a resource that will help your take your urology coding and billing to the next level.

Get Instant Access Now

Each Staff Member will be Provided Unlimited Access to the Support Forum for One Year, via their Personal PRS Network Account

  • Timely answers to all your coding and billing questions
  • Moderated by PRS Network
  • Learn from others
  • Set notification for new questions and answers
  • Share your knowledge
  • Crowdsource learning

Cheap advice is easy to find, expert advice is much more difficult – and can cost you a fortune…. This is an investment that will benefit you for years to come.