About PRSNetwork

For over 25 years The PRS Network has provided quality data and education to help clinicians meet the demands of the ever-changing arena of reimbursement.  While still in private practice in the 1980s, M. Ray Painter, MD realized that keeping up with the escalating demands of Medicare and private payers was becoming too burdensome for overworked clinicians. In response to that realization, he and Mark Painter founded PRS to assist his colleagues with the process of obtaining accurate reimbursement while adhering to the rules and regulations.

The PRS initial product was a coding guide for urologists that incorporated all pertinent payer information related to individual CPT codes into one convenient location. The positive response from the urologists was so overwhelming that PRS decided to enhance its products and services to include other specialties and to make coding and billing a much less complicated endeavor. To meet this goal, it was necessary to enhance PRS’ ability to collect, review, interpret, and disseminate coding and reimbursement information on an as-needed basis to physician offices representing all specialties. This has been achieved through the efforts of a knowledgeable and dedicated research staff.


The PRS Network mission is to provide precise medical coding, billing, reimbursement, and practice management information and services to maximize provider reimbursement dollars.