Coding help is only a phone call away.

Our highly-trained hotline staff is ready to assist you with your most challenging claims.

Physician Reimbursement Systems’ hotline staff can assist with many of your coding needs. Highly trained, courteous, and helpful professionals answer all calls within 1 business day.

Our staff is trained to provide assistance in the following areas:

  • ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT™, and HCPCS Level II coding
  • Evaluation and Management coding
  • Correct modifier usage
  • CCI (Correct Coding Initiative) bundling edits
  • Difficult-to-code operative report

PRS offers two types of hotline services, Fee For Service (FFS) and free hotlines sponsored by medical societies. FFS hotlines are based on a scale using Consultation Units (CUs). To order CUs for our FFS hotlines please contact us at (800) 972-9298.

Consultation Units (CUs) Usage Examples*:

  • One 10-minute call up to 10 minutes in length or 1 facsimile question – 1 CU
  • Review of one pre-coded operative report – 3 CUs
  • Review of claim denial – 4 CUs +
  • Research state procedures or new technology procedural coding – 4 CUs +

*The number of CUs used may be different depending on the complexity of your needs.

NOTE:  Coding of five Evaluation & Management encounters  – see Audits