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Documentation of medical necessity and billing requirements.

The PRS Network auditing team brings over 35 years of medical reimbursement expertise. Having worked with physician offices, payers both public and private, national, state and local societies and specialty societies our consultants offer a unique external perspective to the medical professional with respect to current billing, coding and documentation practices.

PRS Auditing Services offer medical practices and others an expert resource to enhance all aspects of coding, reimbursement and practice management in an ethical and professional manner. Our consultants have served medical professionals throughout the United States and are able to work with any size group from the solo practitioner to large universities and multi-specialty practices.

PRS Encounter Reviews are designed to be a snapshot of the documentation of one of each of the following encounters:

  • Outpatient consult
  • Inpatient consult
  • New patient visit
  • Established patient
  • Office-performed procedure

PRS Encounter Reviews serves as a diagnostic review of the strengths and weaknesses of the documentation of an encounter when compared to current Medicare billing and coding rules and guidelines.

The written report for each encounter, as well as a written summary for each physician’s five encounters can be used by the physician to:

  • Identify potential coding problems
  • Correct coding misconceptions
  • Teach new coding concepts
  • Validate current documentation practices
  • Update old coding methodologies
  • Develop new coding methodologies

Patient and Physician Privacy is strictly enforced.

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